So what is Just The Geek? Well in short, I

Forever referred to as 'just the geek in the corner', 'our resident geek', the one you go to if your PC won't start up or you have some strange desire to hear useless trivia about movies or TV. I am a damn lucky husband, proud father of two awesome geek kids and a Star Wars fanatic.....oh, and i love reading comics....there, I said it.

So what is It is an extension of the inherent geekdom in all of us. It is things that I like, things I find interesting and hopefully.....things you find interesting too. It is the home of all things Geek, from movies to TV, Tech to Sci-fi, Doctor Who to Star Wars. It is a place that showcases the amazing talents of those that take geekdom to new heights by creating their own fan art and fan films, a place to see the latest trailers for those films you actually want to see.

This site is not designed to make me is not designed for internet is simply things that make me happy.

So welcome aboard, don't forget to sign up for our weekly geek news, come play with us on Facebook and make yourself at home.