Someone has waaaaaaay too much time on their hands.....but i am glad they do :)

Check out Admiral Ackbar singing....AWESOME!!

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Whoa there horsey, nine new clips....even i find that too much hahahaa

Warner Bros appear to be in a generous mood today giving us nine new revealing clips to ponder over.

I guess we don't really have long until Tim Burton's dark comedy (his trademark) Dark Shadows hits our screens. In fact, only 10 more days.

This looks like a seriously funny film, so watch and enjoy!!

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Empire Magazine have given us a new 3 minute international trailer. But be gives away a little too much if you ask me. So if you want a completely untainted cinematic experience this June, maybe steer clear fo this trailer.

Then again, if you are like me, there really is no way you will be able to resist this.

Seriously, this movie looks insanely cool.

Enjoy (if you dare)!!

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If you are going to hire Batman for a childrens party you may be a little stuck for choice.

I for one would not trust the Adam West Batman to be around children and the George Clooney version would take an eye out with those BatSuit nipples.

Now check out what would happen if you invited the Christian Bale version

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Monday, 30 April 2012

Some Study That I Used To Know

Ever wondered what was the point of a certian subject at school?

Well so does Gotye....or at least the CollegeHumor parady of Gotye does.


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Julian Smith has put to song the sentiment we all feel.....Damn you buffering lol

Watch and enjoy!!

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This is Cool!!

Millennium Films and Nu Image has released 12 Character posters and has Simon West (the Con Air dude) set to direct this testosterone fueled action bonanza filled with some of the biggest names in action movie history.

Check out the character posters and let me know what you think.

Are you psyched to see it (cause we are)

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Monday, 30 April 2012

Fan Film - SubWars

Check out this Star Wars inspired animated short by Sean Soong.

It's called SubWars and i have to say it looks awesome.

I won't spoil any of it for you, just watch and enjoy:

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I love it when a show gets to finish properly. The final season of Chuck was a great example of this.

Now Fox has announced that they are giving Fringe one more season to wrap it all up.

Here's what Fox Chief Exec Kevin Reilly had to say about it:

"Fringe is a remarkably creative series that has set the bar as one of television’s most imaginative dramas. Bringing it back for a final 13 allows us to provide the climactic conclusion that its passionate and loyal fans deserve. The amazing work the producers, writers and the incredibly talented cast and crew have delivered the last four seasons has literally been out of this world. Although the end is bittersweet, it’s going to be a very exciting final chapter."

And Showrunners Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman:

"This pickup means the world (both of them) to us, because we love sharing these stories with our enthusiastic fans. On behalf of the cast and crew, we applaud our fans and Fox for allowing us to imagine the impossibilities together for so long. Season five is going to be a conclusive thrill ride for all of us."

This is great news for Fringe fans (of which i am very much one)

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Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann are back in Judd Apatow's spin off from Knocked Up.

Due out in December and starring Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, Jason Segel, Lena Dunham, Megan Fox, Chris O’Dowd, Melissa McCarthy, Charlyne Yi, Albert Brooks, John Lithgow and Annie Mumolo. This one looks like another instant Apatow hit.


Writer/director/producer Judd Apatow (The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Funny People) brings audiences This Is 40, an original comedy that expands upon the story of Pete (Paul Rudd) and Debbie (Leslie Mann) from the blockbuster hit Knocked Up as we see firsthand how they are dealing with their current state of life.

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