Popular Movie Trailers That People Loved

Movie trailers are a way for production companies to allow potential movie patrons a sneak peak at upcoming movies. With a well-produced movie trailer, the hope is to catch the attention of more people. If someone watches a movie at the theater, it is likely that sale was driven by a magnificent trailer. Here are a few examples of the most popular movie trailers.

Jaws Movie Trailer

The Jaws movie trailer begins with these bone-chilling lines: ” It has survived millions of years … A mindless eating machine… Devouring everything in its site…As if God created the devil and gave him the name Jaws.” After which, the infamous sound of the Jaws music we all grew to appreciate begins to play. Midway through, the trailer switches to the beach scene. During which children are attacked by a shark while playing. By far, the most effective part of the iconic Jaws trailer is when Robert Shaw is manning the boat. He is preparing to go out to sea, and in his husky, fisherman voice he says ” I can kill him .”

Twister Movie Trailer

Another memorable trailer is that of the movie Twister . Lightening and thunder clashes as the opening dialogue begins : “It is elusive…It is unpredictable…Violent .” The main characters, Joe and Bill, come into the next scene of the trailer. Together their eyes are fixated on a stormy grey sky . Meanwhile, the narrator is explaining the challenge behind the life of a storm-chaser . Half way through this memorizing trailer. A vicious tornado reeks havoc on a non-expecting drive-in movie theater. Joe, Bill , and the other storm-chaser try to get everyone to a safe location under a steel building. While these movie patrons are seeking shelter, a car fiercely rips right through the top of the roof.

Polar Express Movie Trailer

This movie trailer filled each individuals hearts with the magic of Christmas. Especially with all its mystifying life-like CGI effects that caused everything. Everyone. Even the train, to appear so real. The trailer begins with a simple narration by Tom Hanks : “On Christmas Eve , many years ago I lie awake in my bed…listening for a sound I was afraid I would never hear.” The is when the Polar Express is first introduced into the trailer . It is a mind-blowing replication of an actual cog train. Bright yellow lights are glowing from the inside. To the young lad boarding, this train is magnificent in size. The great thing about this amazing trailer is that it only focuses solely on the train. This movie ended up being an overnight success.

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