Best Laptops For Watching TV

Best Laptops For Watching TV

The price of laptops has fallen considerably in recent years, making laptops a good value if you’re looking to watching television on a new portable device.

So, which laptops provide the best value for watching your favorite TV shows and movies?

In the laptop market, there are currently three major operating systems – Mac OS, Windows, and Chrome OS. Let’s examine the top rated laptops in each category.

1. Mac OS

Apple currently has the Macbook Air, Macbook, and Macbook Pro on the market. However, the first two options of the Air and standard Macbook are not the best options for watching TV.5thytjrynetw

The Air and Macbook are meant to handle every-day tasks, such as students or professionals checking their email or writing a blog.

To get the best TV-viewing experience on a Macbook, the best option is the Macbook Pro, which includes the latest internal processor and ample memory.

According to MacWorld, the Pro is priced at $1,499, $1,799, and $1,999 for the super-user, like high-tech gamers. A buyer wanting to watch high-quality TV on a laptop should aim for the $1,499 price point.

2. Windows

There are several different manufacturers of Windows laptops, such as HP, Dell, and Samsung. A new laptop is priced as low as $199, up to $1,000 for top-line.

But, even with the latest technology, not all laptops have the processor and memory necessary to watch high-quality TV.

According to Best Buy, the top-rated Windows laptops that are “built for power” include the HP Envy ($759), Dell Inspiron ($799), Asus 17.3″ laptop ($999), Samsung Notebook 7 ($849), and Acer Aspire ($549).

The HP Envy appears to be the best value with the best reputation, as it has a high rating among users surveyed by Best Buy. It also has more memory than Apple’s MacBook Pro.ertghretr42

3. Chrome OS

Chrome laptops range from $169 to $429 but are marketed towards students and professionals who want to get work done.

There are not many Chromebooks in the market that meet the power and speed of the Mac and Windows products. However, Google makes up for it with ready-made Apps that allow you to watch TV on your laptop, providing added value.


The MacBook Pro is an expensive laptop that allows Apple aficionados to watch high-quality TV on-the-go. However, if you are not tied to Macs, the HP Envy is a great option that is far much cheap than gaming laptops, which have high features requirements but also comes at a high price tag. If you want to try something new at a low price, Chromebook is a good starting point to see if it’s the right fit for your TV-watching requirements at a reasonable price.